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It’s hard to tell if anyone actually missed my posts.  Trying to come up with fresh and interesting perspectives on topics can be a time-consuming and thankless task.  But I’ve tried to maintain my discipline.

But for those of you who have been reading my missives, you’ve probably noticed that there has been a pretty big gap (about four weeks) since my last post. My apologies.

Well, since my last post there have been a whole lot of changes happening in the world at large and in mine in particular.

We’ve seen several revolutions culminating in changes in the Arab world. The spark of democracy has turned into a bit of a wildfire.  And all of this has had an impact on global trade and markets.  And as much as I have wanted to comment and make my views known, it’s been next to impossible because of the all-consuming changes occurring with Clear View Wealth Advisors and Team Stang.

On January 20, Clear View Wealth Advisors entered into an agreement that acquired the assets of an established income tax preparation business with a principal office located in South Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Getting the business relocated, systems up and running and dealing with my favorite friends from Verizon has pretty much taken up all my time.

Adding tax preparation to the line up of services may sound good in theory.  Now we’ll see how well it works in reality.

It will make for some interesting commentary as I go through the growing pains.

And speaking of growing pains, Team Stang has officially announced that we are adding a new member with an expected due date of September 1, 2011.

Stay tuned.

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